Religionswissenschaft und Judaistik

The Qur‘an as a Source for Late Antiquity

A Research Project directed by Prof. Dr. Holger M. Zellentin and funded by the European Research Council

October 2020 – August 2025

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Summary (for a German version see below):
The Qur’an’s message to the populations of Mecca and Medina must be understood in the context of its sustained and critical engagement with the Jewish and the Christian traditions. QaSLA complements and redevelops this approach from the ground up by utilizing the Qur’an, in an inter-disciplinary perspective, as witness to the history of Judaism and Christianity, in two unprecedented ways. The Qur’an, firstly, will become the primary literary source allowing us to sketch the religious landscape of the Arabian Peninsula at the turn of the seventh century C.E. Secondly, the Qur’an’s testimony to the religious culture of its contemporaries will enable us to approach the development of Jewish and Christian culture throughout Late Antiquity from a new perspective.

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