Urgeschichte und Naturwissenschaftliche Archäologie

Course Offerings from the Archaeo- and Paleogenetics Group

Bachelor's Courses

PAL-02: Biologie für Archäologen (English/optional Deutsch)

This course introduces students to concepts in general biology, ecology, evolutionary biology, and genetics. (offered annually in summer semesters)

PAL-06: Molekular- und Humangenetik (Deutsch/optional English)

This course covers the basics of molecular genetics, both theoretical and practical. In this class, students gain experience handling genetic material and practice dealing with original literature and interpreting data. (two semester long class; lecture offered annually in winter semesters, seminar and exercise are offered in summer and winter semester)

Teaching contributions:
BNWA-1-1: Einführung in die Naturwissenschaftliche Archäologie
PAL-5a: Einführung in die Evolutionstheorien 

Master's Courses

Master's level courses from the Paleogenetics group are part of the MSc program Archaeological Sciences and Human Evolution (ASHEstudy contents) and can lead to a specialization in Paleogenetics. In order to specialize in Paleogenetics, enrolling students should have knowledge in Life Sciences, besides at minimum an attested interest in Archeology (shown for example in a letter of motivation during application)For more information about this program, feel free to contact those mentioned on the ASHE pages, or the Group Leader.

ASHE-3e: Introduction to Paleogenetics

This course provides an introduction to the basics, methods, and analytical procedures of paleogenetics. Students will then present on specific molecular genetic methods and analytical procedures. (offered annually in winter semeters)

ASHE-6e: Advances in Archaeo- and Paleogenetics

This course provides an introduction to the content and methodology of paleogenetics, especially with regard to archaeological and evolutionary questions. Topics covered include the analysis of ancient DNA, phylogenetics, evolutionary genetics, and population genetic methods. Readings include new key discoveries within the field. (offered annually in summer semesters)

ASHE-7e: Laboratory Methods in Archaeo- and Paleogenetics

In this course, students learn the techniques required for the characterization of fossil DNA (DNA extraction, preparation of DNA libraries for high-throughput sequencing, quantification of DNA libraries) in the laboratory. Students are also introduced to bioinformatics and analysis of high-throughput sequencing data. At the end of the course, students write a detailed report summarizing the laboratory protocols and techniques they have learned during the exercise. (offered annually in summer semesters)

ASHE-8e and ASHE-9e are both courses also required for the ASHE specialization in Paleogenetics, but they are taught externally.

ASHE-8e: Interdisciplinary Paleogenetics

A course of your choice with some relevance to Archaeo- or Paleogenetics. The choice of course must be approved by the Wing Head.

ASHE-9e: Essentials in Evolutionary Biology

This module is an import from the Biology department. In this course, students get an overview of central concepts and current research topics in evolutionary biology. They deepen their knowledge in the seminar, in which invited scientists give lectures on their current research. The students then apply their in-depth knowledge to write abstracts for the seminar lectures. (offered annually in summer semesters)

Teaching contributions:
ASHE-1a: Perspectives in Human Evolution
This course is taught by multiple lecturers from different disciplines to provide an overview of evolutionary theory as applied to the human lineage. From the paleogenetics group, this includes a review of genetic methods used to reconstruct human past from both extant populations and ancient DNA. (offered annually in winter semesters)

Master's level courses are taught in English