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New abstract accepted as a poster at VSS 2024 from 17.05.-22.05.2023 in Florida, USA

Title: "Effect or artifact? Assessing the stability of comparison-based scales" by David-Elias…

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New abstract accepted as a poster at Cosyne 2024 from 29.02.-03.03.2024 to be held in Lisbon, Portugal

Title: "Normalized Cuts Characterize Visual Recognition Difficulty of Amorphous Image Sub-parts" by…

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New article published in the Journal "Behavioral and Brain Sciences"

Title: "Neither hype nor gloom do DNNs justice" by Felix A. Wichmann, Simon Kornblith, and Robert…

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Robert Geirhos received 2023 ELLIS PhD Award

Our former PhD Student Dr. Robert Geirhos has been named a recipient of the 2023 ELLIS PhD Award.

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Spotlight presentation at NeurIPS 2023

Title: “Scale Alone does not Improve Mechanistic Interpretability in Vision Models” by Roland…

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Article in Annual Reviews of Vision Science is now open access

Title: "Are Deep Neural Networks Adequate Behavioral Models of Human Visual Perception?" by Felix.…

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