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We have a new Master student: Johannes Hölscher

He started in October 2021 and will be doing his MSc thesis under the supervision of David Künstle…

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New article accepted to NeurIPS ImageNet PPF workshop 2021

Title: "ImageNet suffers from dichotomous data difficulty." by Kristof Meding, Luca M. Schulze…

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New article accepted to NeurIPS SVRHM workshop 2021

Titel: "Out-of-distribution robustness: Limited image exposure of a four-year-old is enough to…

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Felix Wichmann is invited to deliver a keynote

at the Netherlands Society for Statistics and Operations Research (VVSOR in Dutch) in Amsterdam on…

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New article published in the journal "AI & SOCIETY"

Title: "Ethical considerations and statistical analysis of industry involvement in machine learning…

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Oral presentation at NeurIPS 2021

Title: "Partial success in closing the gap between human and machine vision" by Robert Geirhos,…

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Spotlight presentation at NeurIPS 2021

Title: "How Well do Feature Visualizations Support Causal Understanding of CNN Activations?" by…

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