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New @NIP

Have you been accepted to write your thesis or do a lab-rotation in the Wichmann-lab? If yes: Welcome – you will join us as a new member!
To ensure a smooth transition into our lab and enable you to be up and running quickly, please send us a single, highly structured email using the pre-prepared email via the web-interface (see below). Ideally you should send us this email at least one week before your starting date!

  • Enter your first and last name as well as your e-mail address in the fields below;  please enter your University of Tübingen email account – no exceptions for those who have one. Should you not (yet) be a member of the University of Tübingen, use the official email address from your previous institution. If none is available the first line in the email requires a – convincing! – reason why you do not have an email address from an educational institution.

In the body of the message – field name "Your message" – please enter the following information:

  • Your project advisor’s (mentor’s) name.
  • If you are already a member of the University of Tübingen, include the number of the University of Tübingen ID chip card in order for us to arrange access to the relevant rooms. Important: Not the matriculation number but the number written on the ID chip card itself.
  • Include home address and phone number.
  • Include the dates of the first day (“starting date”) and – a reasonable estimate of – the last day (“ending date”) of your membership to our lab. The starting date is uncontroversial but the ending date must be included, too, as access via the chip card can only be granted if an ending date is provided. Together with your project advisor (mentor) you should come up with a reasonable estimate of the ending date.
  • Finally, include a sentence or two what you will be working on. (You may want to write this short description together with your project advisor/mentor.)

The easiest way is to simply copy the bold text below into the "Your message" field and then add your information after each colon.

- Project advisor/mentor:
- ID chip card number
(not your matriculation number):
- Home address:
- Phone number:
- Starting date:
- Ending date:
- Short description of what you will be working on:

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