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New article accepted for publication in "eLife"

Title: "Image content is more important than Bouma’s Law for scene metamers" by Thomas S. A. Wallis,...

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New article accepted in "Scientific Reports"

Title: "Searchers adjust their eye movement dynamics to target characteristics in natural scenes" by...

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Fred Mast will give a talk at the KogWis lecture on Thursday, December 6h, 2018

Title of his talk: "The Brain's Vestibular Network: From Sensory Inference to Mental Simulation”

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New article accepted in "Journal of Vision"

Title: "Disentangling bottom-up vs. top-down and low-level vs. high-level influences on eye...

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David Danks will be visiting Tübingen

Kristof Meding has invited him to give a talk at the Children‘s Hospital and to lead a workshop...

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Robert Geirhos got NeurIPS Travel Award!

After his poster acceptance he decided to apply for the travel award and was successful....

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Congratulations! Tom Wallis got GTC Teaching Award 2017-18

The GTC students of the degree course "Neural Information Processing" present the teaching award of...

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Robert Geirhos: New article accepted for publication at NIPS 2018

"Generalisation in humans and deep neural networks" by Robert Geirhos, Carlos R. Medina Temme, Jonas...

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