Neuronale Informationsverarbeitung

Colloquium Winter Term 2023/24

Day, time & location:

Both “virtual” and “analogue” colloquia take place weekly during term time, typically Tuesdays from 13:00 till 14:30 hrs (Central European Time, CET). Please note that some talks from international speakers may have to be held at a different time or day (if applicable this is indicated below). Even if the colloquium is virtual you are invited to join us—analogue-style—to watch it together with the members of NIP in the 1st floor meeting room 10-10/A12, Maria-von-Linden-Str. 6.

Virtual NIP colloquia are open to guests from anywhere in the world. If you are interested in attending one or several of the talks, one option is to subscribe to our mailing list by sending an empty email to nip-colloquium-subscribespam (Please send the empty email from an official university account, otherwise your registration is likely going to be delayed or even impossible.) You will then receive the zoom link, the abstract and the password the day before the talk via an email to the mailing list.
Alternatively you can join our virtual colloquia spontaneously and without registration on our mailing list via the Zoom link posted here—it will be posted 24 hours prior to the colloquium. Please click here:

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Important note for students in the Bachelor Cognitive Science: The NIP colloquium is officially listed in Alma, and thus you can have your participation in a colloquium be counted in the module "Forschungskolloquium Kognitionswissenschaft”. In the case of a virtual colloquium please write an email to Felix Wichmann (preferably while or immediately after the talk and from your official University account). In case of an analogue, in person colloquium please approach Felix Wichmann directly after the colloquium and ask him to sign your form.

date speaker title

no colloquium   

Dr. Nafiseh Kakhani, University of Tübingen, Soil Science & Geomorphology

Deep Learning for Remote Sensing Data Analysis in Ecological Studies.
31.10.2023 no colloquium

Dr. Assaf Breska, MPI, Dynamic Cognition Group

The human cerebellum causally controls visual attention and perceptual sensitivity (in the time domain): insights from patient studies and computational models
14.11.2023   NIP internal progress talks
21.11.2023   NIP internal progress talks
28.11.2023 Dr. Manuel Spitschan, MPG Tübingen, Research Group Sensory and Circadian Neuroscience

Mechanisms underlying nonvisual responses to light in humans

05.12.2023   no colloquium
12.12.2023   no colloquium
19.12.2023 no colloquium
26.12.2023 no colloquium (Weihnachtsferien / Christmas holiday)
02.01.2024 no colloquium (Weihnachtsferien / Christmas holiday)
09.01.2024 NIP internal progress talks
16.01.2024 no colloquium

Apl. Prof. Dr. Britta Dorn, University of Tübingen, Department of Computer Science

How to be fair - An Invitation to Computational Social Choice


Prof. Dr. Carolin Strobl, Universität Zürich

What makes a good simulation study for methods comparisons?

06.02.2024 Dr. Yulia Oganian, Human Verbal Communication Lab, CIN, University of Tübingen Cortical representation of continuous speech