Letter of Recommendation

If you would like us to write you a letter of recommendation please download and open the following application form with Adobe Reader. If you have completed the application form, please send your request via e-mail to economicsspam

Your e-mail should include the application form as well as:


If you need the if you need the standardized "Letter of Recommendation" for the International Office (Dezernat für Internationale Angelegenheiten) for a semester or year abroad, please join this ILIAS module and follow the instructions there!

Credit Accreditation

Studying at a foreign university is a highly valuable experience. If planned appropriately your stay abroad should also count for the completion of your B.Sc. or M.Sc. home degree in Tübingen. An essential issue in this regard is whether, or to what extent, the credits earned abroad can be transferred to your home degree.

We ask for your understanding that our chair cannot offer individual counseling on your exchange year. The following guidelines should enable you to structure your studies abroad in a meaningful way. (Please compare also to the guidelines of the examination office)

Accreditation rules

Before going abroad

After returning home

In order to get a credit accreditation you need the respective (yellow) accreditation form handed out by the examination office. Once you obtained this form please contact: sekretariat.v6spam Your e-mail should include copies of the following documents:

In case the original material is not in German or English, please provide summaries in English or German (not required for term papers, exercise sheets etc.).

Tips for Exchange Students

Welcome at the Chair of International Economics. Please find here some general recommendations if you are interested in attending one of our courses:

For more general information please also refer to the central hompage of the department.