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Publications in refereed journals

A Structural Quantitative Analysis of Services Trade De-liberalization, forthcoming in Journal of International Economics (with Sven Blank, Peter Egger and Georg Wamser)

The Impact of Thin Capitalization Rules on the Location of Multinational Firms' Foreign AffiliatesReview of International Economics, 28(1), 2020, 35-61 (with N. Riedel and G. Wamser) [RSIT Working Paper 01/2016]

The Commitment Role of Equity Financing, Journal of the European Economic Association, 17(4), pp. 1232-1260, August 2019 (with M. Fahn and G. Wamser) [RSIT Working Paper 01/2017]

Measuring the Interdependence of Multinational Firms' Foreign Investments, Economic Inquiry, 56(2), pp. 1064-1088, April 2018 (with Simon Bösenberg, Peter Egger and Georg Wamser) [RSIT Working Paper 03/2017]

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The Consequences of the new UK Tax Exemption System: Evidence from Micro-level Data, The Economic Journal, 125, pp. 1764-1789, December 2015 (with Peter Egger, Martin Ruf and Georg Wamser)

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On the Genesis of Multinational Foreign Affiliate Networks, European Economic Review, 65(1), pp. 136-163, January 2014 (with Peter Egger, Matthias Fahn and Georg Wamser) [Online Appendix]

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The Impact of Bilateral Investment Treaties on FDI – Dynamics, The World Economy, 30(10), pp. 1536-1549, October 2007 (with Peter Egger)

Working papers

Relational Contracts, the Costs of Enforcing Formal Contracts, and Capital Structure Choice - Theory and Evidence, RSIT Working Paper 02/2017, (with Matthias Fahn and Georg Wamser), R&R Quantitative Economics

Work in progress & current projects

Regional Implications of National Tax Policy, with Oliver Krebs, Peter Egger, and Georg Wamser.

Corporate Tax Rates, MNE Investment Links and Internal Capital Markets, with Peter Egger, Christian Keuschnigg, A. Nagengast and Georg Wamser.

Internal Capital Markets and the Agency Costs of Free Cash Flows, with Matthias Fahn, Stefan Goldbach, Arne Nagengast and Georg Wamser.

The effects of anti-tax-avoidance rules on real investment and MNE organization, with Jaqueline Hansen, Nadine Riedel and Georg Wamser.

Taxes, Profit Shifting, and the Real Activities of MNEs: Evidence from Corporate Tax Notches, with Jaqueline Hansen and Georg Wamser.

The effects of double taxation treaties in developing and emerging economies, with Nadine Riedel and Antonia Hohmann.

Taxation and firm productivity, with Svea Holtmann, Dominika Langenmayr and Georg Wamser.

Corporate dividend payments along the ownership chain: On repatriation taxes, owner outcomes, and the role of conduit entities, with Johanna Paraknewitz and Georg Wamser.

Corporate tax incidence on consumers: Micro evidence from Germany, with Arne Nagengast and Georg Wamser.


Other contributions

A costly Brexit? De-liberalisation of trade in services and its potential cost, Research Brief, 23rd Edition, Deutsche Bundesbank, December 2018 (with Sven Blank, Peter Egger and Georg Wamser)

The Eff ects of Corporate Income Taxes on the Location, Investment and Pro fits of Foreign Affiliates of Multinational Enterprises across EU Countries, IEB Report 2/2016, Barcelona

Tax reform and corporate behaviour: Evidence from the UK ,, February 2016 (with P. Egger, M. Ruf and G. Wamser)

Debt Shifting and Thin-capitalization Rules, CESifo DICE Report, Journal for Institutional Comparisons, Vol. 12 (4), Winter 2014 (with G. Wamser)