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BMBF-DAAD Thematic Network "Literary Cultures of the Global South"

The BMBF-DAAD Thematic Network brings together 7 universities from Africa (UCAD, Dakar/Senegal; WITS, Johannesburg/South Africa), from Latin America (UNAM Mexico City/Mexico; UFF Niterói-Rio de Janiero/Brazil), Asia /JNU New Delhi/India; SNU Seoul/South Korea) and Australia/Pacific Region (University of Melbourne/Australia).

The project organizes summer schools, conferences, workshops, in Tübingen and in the partner universities, to further a dialogue between partners in the Global South on issues relevant to the Global South. A programme of visiting fellowships, public intellectual fellowships and doctoral student exchanges facilitates an ongoing multi-lateral conversation between scholars from around the world.


Prof. Dr. Sebastian Thies

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Prof. Dr. Dr. Russell West-Pavlov

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Prof. Dr. Gabriele Alex

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Prof. Dr. Susanne Goumegou

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