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Master 20.10.2023

Gläßer Carla A Paleopathologie Examination of Possible Soldiers from the Thirty Years' War
Lorenz Pia "'The world on their shoulders": Reconstructing labour differences by socio-economic status in a medieval context
Gonzalez-Fernandez Pablo The Bronze Age human remains from Cape Trafalgar (Cádiz, Spain). Paleodiet, paleomobility, and activity reconstruction
Tsimopoulou Chrysoula Biting into the Past: A multidisciplinary approach to reconstructing mastication patterns in bioatchaelogical contexts
Neuwirth Kevin Machine learning and virtual anthropology: Sex estimation models based on cranial landmarks
Watson Laura Abusir el-Meleq along the Nile: A Dental Non-Metric Analysis and its Implications for the Peopling of Ancient Egypt
Kaul Franziska Tracing human mobility through genetic analysis in Medieval Tuscany
Müller-Sussi Cosima Paleogenetic investigation of infectious diseases across the Roman Empire
Russel Alexis Agriculture on the Transtigridian Plains: An Archaeobotanical Study of the Early Bronze Age at Bassetki
Möller Gunther Jojosi 1 (KwaZula-Natal, South Africa). An open-air knapping site of the Early Middle Stone Age revisited
Singh Natasha Functional analysis of the late Lower Palaeolithic lithic assemblage from Schöningen 12 II-1 (Lower Saxony, Germany)
Panagiotopoulou Theoni Magdalenian environments and ecosystems: The case of Gnirshöhle


Master 21.10.2022

Dustin Welper The last Romans. Anthropological studies of the skeletal material from Frankfurt a.M.-Praunheim. First study on the paleo-demographic distribution of the last Roman population of Nida.
Kim Apholz The many faces of microcephaly: Why size does matter
Harvati, Karakostis
Salma Ibrahim  Deciduous vs. Permanent Denition: Susceptibility to Microwear
David Naumann Quantitative analysis of enthesis morphology in humeri ofEarly Medieval Alamannic individuals by consideration ofgrave goods as indicators of behavioral differences
Kelsey Moreland Ancient DNA from the Upper Paleolithic Mammoth Ivory of Hohle Fels, Germany
Valentin Garcia-Huidobro Diet and subsistence of hunter-gatherers in Cerro Benítez, Chilean Patagonia: a zooarchaeological perspective
Luca Michaelis Going Holistic - Comparing ZooMS-Generated Taxonomic Data with the Zooarchaeological Record at Geißenklösterle Cave (Swabian Jura, Germany)
Marcel Frenken Alchemy in Mannheim? - Mineralogical and chemical analysis of 17th-18th century technical ceramics and lead glazed earthernware
Eirini Koutouvaki Pottery Traditions during the Emergence of the First States. Analysis of the Late Chalcolithic 3-5 pottery assemblage from the Eastern Habur area, Iraqi Kurdistan
Deepthi Pavitra A Technological Study of Chalcolithic Pottery from Poduri (Romania)
Lourdes Tamayo-Caceres Differentiating between Perimortem and Postmortem trauma: the case of Phaleron funerary contexts