IFIB – Interfakultäres Institut für Biochemie

3D printer workshop at the IFIB

Since April 2022 our 3D-printer workshop was extended to include the 3D-printer from the ZmbP and we exchanged our old dual extrusion printer for a newer more capable model.

3D-printing is now available for members of the IFIB and the ZmbP.

If you need a part for a laboratory machine or if you want to print a model of a molecule that you are working with, you can do so with us. Printing will take approximately 1h per cm3, varying significantly with the level of detail and quality of the desired model.

Our newest printer

Our newest printer is the Raise3D Pro3 dual extrusion printer. A semi profesional machine with a build volume of 300x300x300 mm for single extruder prints and 255x300x300 mm for dual extruder prints. 

We use it for very detailed 3D-models of proteins and mechanical parts with small tolerances.


First you need a 3D object. This will usually come in the form of an STL file encoding a 3D object. You can download many pre-made models from repositories or you can create your own using any 3D design software. Once you have your STL file, you can give it to Luis Hartmann. He will prepare the file for printing according to your needs and print your object.


IFIB lab and faculty members print for free with standard PLA filament up to 1 roll per year. If you need to print more or if you require more expensive specialty filaments, please purchase the material yourself. We are currently getting our filaments from 3DPrima (Sweden) because of a combination of competitive prices and variety of material.