Institut für Theoretische Physik

Theoretical Quantum Optics

Research topics:

Quantum metrology

Quantum optics

Quantum information theory

Open quantum systems

This group led by Daniel Braun conducts research in the theory of quantum metrology, quantum information theory, and open quantum systems. Our work stretches all the way from rather mathematical, notably in the theory of quantum information (quantification of quantum resources, such as non-classicality and entanglement, development of quantum algorithms, geometry of quantum maps, recent forays into quantum causal inference) and quantum metrology (ultimate limits of sensitivity for the measurement of a given physical quantity imposed by the laws of quantum mechanics, development of new measurement principles that can achieve this sensitivity), to down-to-Earth simulations of real-life systems (bose-laser, SERF-magnetometers).

The physical systems we consider are typically from quantum optics. Starting a few years ago, we are also venturing into general relativistic quantum optics, where now we apply our knowledge of quantum metrology to find out whether new experiments can be proposed through which we might learn more about one of the major lasting riddles in physics, the relation between quantum mechanics and general relativity.

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