Institut für Theoretische Physik


PhD Defense of Sarah Heinzelmann

The single-boson exchange formalism and its application to the functional renormalization group

Tübingen, November 2023


Focus Session "Physics meets ML"

at the DPG Spring Meeting 2023

Dresden, March 2023



S. Andergassen is "Physikerin der Woche" 

Tübingen, August 2022


DFG Research Unit approved

Long-range interacting quantum spin systems out of equilibrium: Experiment, theory and mathematics

Tübingen, March 2022


Press release

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” - A computational perspective on the fruit fly of electronic correlations &

Tübingen, March 2022


Press release

Machine learning dynamics of quantum systems &

Tübingen, May 2021


Press release

Quantum showdown: Competing methods of solving quantum systems put to the test &

Tübingen, March 2021


Press release

Quantum physicists identify „fingerprints“ of fundamental physical effects &

Tübingen, February 2021


PhD Defense of Dominik Maile

Quantum effects of dissipative couplings to conjugate variables

Konstanz, December 2020


PhD Defense of Marcel Klett

Cellular dynamical mean-field theory in large impurity clusters

Tübingen, October 2020


PhD Defense of Cornelia Hille

The role of the self-energy in the functional renormalization group description of interacting Fermi systems

Tübingen, June 2020


Innovation Funds program of the Cluster of Excellence on Machine Learning

Understanding quantum effects in neural network models through ML approved

Tübingen, December 2019


PhD Defense of Agnese Tagliavini

Response functions of correlated systems in the linear regime and beyond

Tübingen, November 2018


Cluster of Excellence

Machine Learning in Science approved

Tübingen, September 2018


Lectiones Clitvmnaliæ

Electronic correlations

Spoleto, August 2018


News in "Pro Physik"

Frust im Quantensystem

Tübingen, May 2018


Press release

Heisenberg uncertainty frustration - Quantum systems torn between liquid and solid states

Tübingen, April 2018


Artur-Fischer Preis

Verleihung an M.Sc. Marcel Klett als besten Absolventen des Jahrgangs

Stuttgart, December 2017


Olga Taussky Pauli Fellow

Verleihung an Prof. Sabine Andergassen

Wien, October 2017



on Band alignment and charge transfer in complex oxides published

March 2017


Joint German-Austrin Project (DACH)

Merging of dynamical mean field theory and functional renormalization group approved

Tübingen, January 2017


Editorial College Membership


Amsterdam, November 2016


PhD Defense of Nils Wentzell

Funtional renormalization group beyond the perturbative regime

Tübingen, September 2016


ESI Thematic Programme

Synergies between mathematical and computational approaches to quantum many-body physics

Wien, September 2016


International Conference

Fermions 2015

Heidelberg, April 2015


Lecture series

GPU Computing Architecture

Tübingen, February 2015


FWF Special Research Program F41

Vienna Computational Materials Laboratory prolonged

Wien, January 2015


Workshop of the DFG Research Group 723

Functional renormalization group for correlated Fermion systems

Wien, July 2014



on From infinite to two dimensions through the functional renormalization group published

May 2014



Prof. Sabine Andergassen erhält den Förderpreis "Dozentur Professor Bernhard Heß 2014"

Regensburg, February 2014


ESF Workshop

Spin-orbit and interaction effects in nano-electronics

Aachen, February 2013