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SFB 1101, Yale E. Goldman, Pennsylvania, 12.09.23 13:00 2T26 - IFIB

Single molecule, multi-parameter confocal fluorescence spectroscopy of RNA helicases DDX3X and DDX3Y

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David Posé, Málaga, 31.8.23, 13:00, IFIB lecture hall

Strawberry GRN Forever: Insights into the Transcriptional Regulatory Network controlling Strawberry…

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SFB 1101, Anna Schulten, Norwich, 20.7.23,13:00, N5

Epigenetic gene silencing - understanding a Polycomb-mediated off switch.

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Thorsten Nürnberger zum Mitglied der EMBO gewählt

Thorsten Nürnberger wird Mitglied der EMBO Community von mehr als 2.000 führenden…

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6.7.23 Waltraud Schulze, Hohenheim, Lecture Hall N5

Thousand hands - the involvement of the coreceptor QSK1 in regulation of membrane transport.

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Fascination of Plants Day

Thu 18.5.23, 12 to 16 pm

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SFB1101, 11.4.23, 13:00, Tomo Kawashima, Kentucky, lecture hall 2T26 (IFIB)

Dynamic plant reproduction from fertilization to endosperm development.

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SFB1101, 24.3.23, 13:00, Niko Geldner, Lausanne, lecture hall N4

Dissecting the early events of bacterial root colonisation

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