Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaft

Macro Brown Bag

Program of the Winter Term 2023-2024

Thursday 12:00 - 1:00 pm, in room E 01, Mohlstraße 36, Tübingen

Oct 26 Ralph Luetticke
A Temporary VAT Cut as Unconventional Fiscal Policy
Nov 02 Maximilian Weiß
Surveying Price Stickiness with Large Shocks - Part 1
Nov 09

Willi Mutschler

Pruned Skewed Kalman Filter and Smoother: With Applications to the Yield Curve and Asymmetric Monetary Policy Shocks

Nov 16 Lukas Leitenbacher
Economic and environmental effects of green QE
Nov 23

Gernot Müller

A HANK2 model of monetary unions

Nov 30

Christian Manger

Stablecoins - 3 Attempts to Build a Money Printer

Dec 07


Dec 14

Albert Hidalgo

Technology and policy volatility and its implication for inequality

Jan 11 Jean-Paul L'Huillier
Why Do Supply Disruptions Lead to Inflation?
Jan 18

Lukas Leitenbacher

Title tba

Jan 25

Jonas Adolph

Sourcing and Sanctions

Feb 01

Luis Huxel

Title tba

Feb 08

Yannik Winkelmann

Welfare under different policy rules


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