Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaft

Macro Brown Bag

Program of the Summer Term 2023

Thursday 12:00 - 1:00 pm, in room 331, Mohlstraße 36, Tübingen

April 20

Maximilian Weiß

Fundamental Stock Price Cycles

April 27

Maximilian Böck

Nonlinear Transmission of Belief Shocks

May 04

Jonas Adolph

A Model of Offshoring with Geopolitical Risks

May 11

Knut Niemann

Reorganization of Global Value Chains

Jun 15

Gernot Müller

The Gravity of War

Jun 22

Anastasiia Antonova

State-dependent pricing in production network economy

Jun 29

Albert Hidalgo

Unconventional Monetary Policy Shocks and Wealth Inequality

Jul 06

Christian Manger

Decentralized Exchanges, Automated Market Makers, and Micro 101

Jul 13

Yannik Winkelmann

Amidst the Mist: The Impact of Household Inattention on Fiscal Policy

Jul 20

Anastasiia Antonova

Age-specific income risk shocks and consumption

Jul 27

Luis Huxel

Uncertainty Shocks in the Euro Area


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