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Welcome to our University! Get started!

Are you ready to immerse in a new culture, make new friends and learn a new language in a friendly and warm study environment? We're looking forward to meeting you. Welcome to Tübingen!

Welcome Event and Campus Tour

Professor Koziol, Coordinator of our Exchange Programs, Vera Klöckner, who runs the administrative side of our exchange, and Amrei Nensel, Coordinator of International Affairs of the Faculty, would like to welcome the new exchange students and make sure they are off to a good start at the School of Business and Economics.


Friday, October 12, 2018
10:00 - 12:00 a.m.
Room: HS 5, Neue Aula, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz, 72074 Tübingen
More information can be found in Campus.

Moreover, we will offer a guided campus tour later on that same day to show you the most important buildings and help you with any organisational questions around student life in Tübingen you might have. Details will be announced in the welcome event.

International Module Handbook for Exchange Students

During your stay as an exchange student at our faculty, you can attend various courses offered by our institutes that are taught in English. Apart from that, there are many courses with an international focus. The international module handbooks in the "Downloads and Links" section will give you an overview about the courses that are offered at our faculty.

Course offer

At the school of Business and Economics, part of the courses are taught in English and part of the courses are taught in German.

For information about which courses are held in English, please follow the links on the right hand side in the "Links" box, where you will find the option to download the International Module Handbook for the current academic period.

For more general information about which courses to choose, please don't hesitate to ask at the student advisory service. We all speak English and German and some of us speak a number of further european languages.

Application and Admission Process

There are different ways to apply for an exchange at our faculty. If you are from Europe, there is the inner-Europe exchange program ERASMUS. If you're not from a European country, you may benefit from our worldwide network of partner universities. Furthermore, there is always the possibility to apply for the admission of international students whose university does not belong to our current partner universities or exchange programmes.

Incoming exchange students are administrated centrally at the International Office. You are admitted as non-degree student for a limited study period (one or two semesters). As an international programme student, you are allowed to register for classes and to earn credits under the same conditions as regular students at our university.

You can find more detailed information about the application and admission process using the link in the "Downloads and Links" box on the right side.

Important: the application deadlines are May 31 for the winter term and December 31 for the summer term.

Need Advice?

The Advising and Admission Office for International Students provides consultation, information and advice for foreign students with regard to programs, courses and requirements for admission at the University of Tübingen. The team of this department also provides information and coaching for the prerequisites of special study projects and temporary academic visitors such as academic or research fellows, guest students etc.

This section of the Central Student Advisory Office further administers the admission to B.Sc.-Programs at the University of Tübingen of foreign nationals (including citizens of EU member states as well as so called Bildungsinländer - non-German nationals holding a German qualifying degree). M.Sc.-applicants can directly apply via the online application platform. You will find further information here.

Guest Students (ERASMUS, Exchange)

The application deadline for guest students is May 31st for the winter term and December 31st for the summer term! Please find further information here.

Application and admission

You will find all the important details regarding the application and admission process for your specific study project here.