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Studying in Latin America

Students at the School of Business and Economics Tübingen can choose from more than 30 universities in Latin America. The studies abroad can be facilitated through:

Stays are possible for both one or two semesters. Courses are generally offered in the countries’ official language (i.e. Spanish, and Portuguese in Brazil). However, some courses are available in English.

The Student Body (Freie Fachschaft WiWi) offers access to its extensive collection of experience reports during their office hours.

Please note: the application deadline at the Division for International Affairs is July 1!

Information and Notes about the Exchange Programs

The University's exchange program

You will find all the important information regarding the university's exchange program for Latin America on the website of the Division for International Affairs.

The Baden-Württemberg Brazil Center

The programs offered by the Brazil Center are tailored especially towards candidates for graduation (Master, doctorate). The stay abroad should, if possible, be part of a research project. Details can be found here.
A map of possible study locations can be found here. The University of Tübingen has established exchange relationships with five of these universities. There are no concrete relationships with other universities in Rio Grande do Sul! An exchange with one of these universities will therefore require additional effort.

The School's exchange program

You can apply for a place at the Department of Business and Economics (FEA) of the Universidade de Sao Paolo and the USP (Riberao Preto) both via the exchange program of the university, and via the exchange programs of the local departments of Business and Economics.

Information about the naming of Latin American study programs

When choosing the right courses, you should be aware of the local names for the different levels of the study programs. Here you can find a very rough categorization. The courses categorized as "Master" often have an orientation towards PhD programs. The higher semesters of the "Bachelor" category are often already at the level of "Master". A comparison to the North American graduate/post-graduate system fails as well, as courses can differ strongly from university to university.

Niveau Bachelor Master
Argentinien grado


Brasilien graduação pós-graduação
Chile licenciado magistero
Ecuador pregrado postgrado
Kolumbien pregrado posgrado
Mexiko licenciaturas maestrías
Venezuela pregrado postgrado