Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaft

Research Seminar in Economics

Program of the Winter Term 2020/21

Tuesday 2:00 pm (s.t.) to 3:00 pm

Due to the Covid pandemic striking a second time, we are forced to switch from a "real" seminar to a webinar using zoom. We are glad that all speakers have agreed to give their presentations in zoom sessions. We aim at lively sessions with a fair amount of interaction. E-mail invitations with zoom details as well as abstracts will be sent out about a week in advance. In case you have questions or wish to receive the zoom link, please send an email to rsespam prevention@wiwi.uni-tuebingen.de.


Nov 17

Lisandra Flach, LMU, ifo Institut

Corporate taxes and multi-product exporters: Theory and evidence from trade dynamics

Nov 24

Almut Balleer, RWTH Aachen

Uncovering the mechanism(s): Financial constraints and wages

Dec 01

Bernhard Ganglmair, ZEW Mannheim

Visibility of Technology and Cumulative Innovation: Evidence from Trade Secrets Laws

Dec 08

Erwin Winkler, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

Diverging paths: Labor reallocation, worker-firm sorting, and wage inequality

Dec 15

Horst Raff, Universität Kiel

International Trade and Inventory Investment

Jan 12

Max Breitenlechner, Universität Innsbruck

What goes around comes around: How large are spillbacks from US monetary policy really?

Jan 19

Francis Bloch, Paris School of Economics

Hiding and herding in market entry (see here for the paper)

Feb 16

Luis Cabral, NYU

Standing on the Shoulders of Dwarfs: Dominant Firms and Innovation Incentives (see here for the paper)

Feb 23

Philip Sauré, Universität Mainz

A Simple Model of Buyer-Seller Networks in International Trade