Isotope Geochemistry Group (May 2024)

Latest publications

  • Wagner LJ, Kleinhanns IC, Varas-Reus MI, Rosca C, König S, Bach W & Schoenberg R (2023): Light stable Cr isotope compositions of mid-ocean ridge basalts: Implications for mantle source composition. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta;
  • Havsteen JC, Kleinhanns IC, Schröder S, Eickmann B, Izon G, Gogouvitis MG, Ngobeli R, Beukes NJ & Schoenberg R (2023): Evidence for contemporaneous deposition of the Duitschland and Rooihoogte formations (Transvaal Supergroup): Implications for tempo and mode of Earth’s Great Oxidation. Precambrian Research 391: 107055, 
  • Ossa Ossa FG, Pons ML, Bekker A, Hofmann A, Poulton SW Andersen MB, Agangi A, Gregory D, Reinke C, Steinhilber B, Marin-Carbonne J & Schoenberg R (2023): Zinc enrichment and isotopic fractionation in a marine habitat of the c. 2.1 Ga Francevillian Group: A signature of zinc utilization by eukaryotes? Earth and Planetary Science Letters 611: 118147,
  • Sindol GP, Babechuk MG, Conliffe J, Slack JF, Rosca C & Schoenberg R (2022): Shallow-ocean and atmospheric redox signatures preserved in the ca. 1.88 Ga Sokoman iron formation, Labrador Trough, Canada. Precambrian Research 379: 106750,
  • Ossa Ossa FG, Spangenberg JE, Bekker A, König S, Stüeken EE, Hofmann A, Poulton SW, Yierpan A, Varas-Reus MI. Eickmann B, Andersen MB & Schoenberg R (2022): Moderate levels of oxygenation during the late stage of Earth's Great Oxidation Event. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 594: 117716,
  • Ahmad Q, Wille M, Rosca C, Labidi J, Schmidt T, Mezger K, König S. (2022). Molybdenum isotopes in plume-influenced MORBs reveal recycling of ancient anoxic sediments. Geochemical perspectives letters, 23, S. 43-48. European Association of Geochemistry. doi:
  • Rosca C, Vlastelic I, Varas-Reus M, König S. (2022). Isotopic constraints on selenium degassing from basaltic magma and near-surface capture by fumarolic deposits: Implications for Se redistribution onto the Earth's surface. Chemical Geology 596, 120796,
  • Rosca C, König S, Pons M-L, Schoenberg R (2021) Improved protocols for Zn purification and MC-ICP-MS analyses enable determination of small-scale Zn isotope variations. Chemical Geology, 120440,
  • Schoenberg R, Schaller M, Pettke T (2021): Geochemical and isotopic constraints on the dynamics of the Earth: a Special Issue dedicated to Jan Dirk Kramers and his legacy to geochemistry. Chemical Geology 583: 120462.
  • Wang Y, Ossa Ossa F, Spangenberg J, Wille M, Schoenberg R (2021): Restricted oxygen-deficient basins on the northern European epicontinental shelf across the Toarcian carbon isotope excursion interval. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology.