Institut für Astronomie & Astrophysik

The Late Stages of Stellar Evolution: Some Problems and Prospects

Tübingen, Germany, July 17, 2010

This workshop took place on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Tony Lynas-Gray. There were invited speakers only. However, the workshop was open for any professional astronomer, friends, and family.

Invited Speakers

W.-R. Hamann Inhomogeneous Stellar Winds
U. Heber SdB and SdO stars
S. Jeffery Stellar Model-Atmosphere and Line-Formation Calculations
D. Kilkenny Changing periods and amplitudes in evolved stars
D. Korčáková Radiative Transfer in Axial Symmetry
A. E. Lynas-Gray Future Directions and Prospects
Ph. Podsiadlowski UV Upturn in Giant Elliptical Galaxies
J. Puls Radiation-Driven Winds from Hot Stars
T. Rauch The Eclipsing sdO Binary AA Dor
D. Schönberner Planetary Nebulae: Near and Far
J. Tennyson Molecules in Astrophysics