Institut für Angewandte Physik

Numerical Techniques II

Numerical Techniques II is a practical module which aims at

  • introducing simple classical Molecular Dynamics simulations as a major technique in soft matter/nano science via the versatile programming language python​​​​​
  • visualizing scenes and particle trajectories using povray and VMD 

Prerequisites are  a basic knowledge of programming (as taught e.g. in Numerical Techniques I) and some motivation to get an own code to work: If succesful, this is a rewarding experience.


The course is hands-on: from the first week students work on their laptops (provided in the course) with assisted exercises which finally lead to their own simulation and visualization code. There is very little black board lecturing.


Short syllabus:

  1. Introduction to python
  2. Brownian Dynamics 
    random walks, many-particle forces, particle trajectories
  3. Povray
  4. VMD (Visual Molecular Dynamics)
  5. Final project: a simulation project or a povray project  

​​Credit points with or without final grade are awarded and require handing-in of the final project .