Institut für Angewandte Physik

• Synthesis, preparation and characterization of colloidal model systems with costom-tailored interaction and optical properties
• Non-equilibrium physics:
   - Structure and dynamics of the metastable melt
   - Crystallization from the metastable melt: homogeneous
     and heterogeneous nucleation, growth kinetics and
     interfacial properties
   - Glass transition, aging of glasses, gel formation
   - Influence of external fields (confinement,
     electromagnetic fields, shear, restricted gravity,
     interaction gradients, structured walls) on the
     physical properties of colloids
• Properties of colloidal model systems:
   - Particle characterization, structure, dynamics, rheology, phase behavior
• Development of experimental techniques studying soft
   condensed matter physics (optical microscopy, optical
   spectroscopy and light scattering)
• Expert in photon correlation spectroscopy
• Preparation and characterization of photonic crystals


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