ZHENG Xinyu, M.A. 鄭心羽

Lecturer and PhD candidate at the Department of Chinese Studies, University of Tübingen.

Academic Career

  • 2020-2023 Ph.D. student at Heidelberg Centre of Transcultural Studies
  • 2019 M.A. in Transcultural Studies, University of Heidelberg
  • 2015 B.A. in History, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou


  • 2019  Student assistant in the project "Early Chinese Periodicals Online", University of Heidelberg and Academia Sinica Digital Centre
  • 2014-15 Research assistant in the research project “From Canton to Guangzhou, Urban Renewal and Spacial Politics in a south China City”, HKIHSS, University of Hong Kong


  • WS 18/19 Tutorial "Introduction to Transcultural Studies"
  • WS 21/22, WS 22/23 Tutorial "Basic Research Skills"

Research Focus
Zheng Xinyu's research interests revolve around history of science, technology and medicine and intellectual history. Her doctoral dissertation examines how the theory of Phases and Influences (yunqi 運氣) draws macrocosmic and microcosmic knowledge together in the field of medicine. It sets out to study the discourses of the system per se, as well as its association to general cosmograms established by the Confucianists. By analyzing medical writings, ranging from monographs to primers and situating them into concrete social and intellectual contexts, the research aims to reveal the intricacy of knowledge making in Late Imperial China.