AG Geoarchaeology

Geoarchaeology is the application of concepts and methods from the geosciences to answer archaeologically relevant questions. The members of the Geoarchaeology Working Group in the INA apply a wide range of methods, at a variety of scales, to investigate the interaction between humans and the geosystem in the past.

Interdisciplinary research between the geosciences and archaeology has a long tradition in Tübingen, extending back to the 19th century, when many of the first prehistorians at Tübingen were trained in the geosciences. Today at Tübingen, the Geoarchaeology Working Group is part of the Institute for Archaeological Sciences, which is part of the Department of Geosciences. The close structural relationship between geosciences and archaeology at Tübingen creates an ideal environment for the development of a leading working group in geoarchaeology that has broad, international recognition and appeal.