Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaft

Research Seminar in Economics

Program of the Winter Term 2021/22

Tuesday 2:15 pm, in seminar room 207, Nauklerstr. 50, Tübingen

Most of the sessions are scheduled to take place in person, and some online via Zoom.

For the in person sessions, please observe the University's hygiene rules, see here. According to university regulation, the sessions will be subject to 3G. Attendants will be asked to show their G when entering the seminar room (please show up early). Please wear masks until seated. We kindly ask attendants for QR-code registration at the start of each seminar.

As usual, e-mail invitations as well as abstracts will be sent out to faculty members about a week in advance. In case you wish to receive the Zoom link for an online session or if you have any other questions, please send an e-mail to rsespam prevention@wiwi.uni-tuebingen.de.


Oct 26

David Dorn, Universität Zürich

No Help for the Heartland? The US Employment Effects of the Trump Tariffs

Nov 02

Sauro Mocetti, Banca d'Italia (ONLINE)

Managerial Talent and Managerial Practices: Are They Complements? (link to the paper)

Nov 09

Sarah M. Lein, Universität Basel

Granular Origins of Inflation

Nov 16

Alessandro Cantelmo, Banca d'Italia (ONLINE)

Macroeconomic outcomes in disaster-prone countries (link to the paper)

Nov 23

Tobias Berg, Frankfurt School

The Unintended Side Effects of Unconventional Monetary Policy

Nov 30

Thierry Mayer, Sciences Po (changed to ONLINE)

Moving parts: When more restrictive content rules backfire

Dec 07

Christian Keuschnigg, Universität St. Gallen

Consolidation of Covid Debt

Dec 14 tba
Dec 21

Dirk Schindler, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Attracting profit shifting or fostering innovation? On patent boxes and R&D subsidies

Jan 11

Manudeep Bhuller, University of Oslo

Title tba

Jan 18

Paolo Pinotti, Bocconi University (ONLINE)

Title tba

Jan 25

Carsten Eckel, LMU

Title tba

Feb 01

Georgios Georgiadis, EZB

Title tba

Feb 08

Simon Görlach, Bocconi University

Mobility of Heterogeneous Workers in the Euro Zone