General Application Procedure

Writing your Bachelor's thesis requires that you participate in a Bachelor's thesis seminar. Participation is subject to application in a centralized procedure run by the Examinations Office. This procedure runs on a yearly basis and is opened towards the end of the summer term. Second year Bachelor's students will receive a letter from the Examinations office which specifies the types of Bachelor's thesis seminars that will be offered the subsequent academic year. You will be asked to express your preferences regarding participation in one of the seminars offered. The School will then do whatever is possible, in order to accommodate your preferences when allocating students to Bachelor's thesis seminars. It is imperative that you participate in this procedure, as there is no other guarantee of a place in a Bachelor thesis seminar.

Bachelor's Thesis Seminar on Empirical Public Economics

The seminar will deal with selected topics in public economics. Students are expected to write an essay (bachelor's thesis) and to present their results in class (both in English). The presentations are mandatory. The seminar is based on journal articles at the frontier of modern economic research. The articles typically evaluate public policies using modern empirical techniques. Having some basic knowledge in empirical economics is therefore very helpful.


As a prerequisite to join our seminar students are required to participate in the course "E376 A toolkit for writing your Bachelor's Thesis", which is offered blocked at the beginning of each term. This course requires registration. Detailed information is provided via alma.


Students who have been assigned to this bachelor's thesis seminar should send an E-mail to (subject line "E312 registration") within the deadline announced each term via alma.