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Members of the Geoarchaeology working group conduct field-based research across the globe, with particular emphasis on Europe, Africa and the Americas.  Our own research projects have been funded by the DFG, the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung, National Geographic and the Leakey Foundation. We also serve as collaboration partners on several projects funded by international agencies, such as the National Science Foundation (USA), The Research Council of Norway, Social Science and Humanities Research Council (Canada), the ERC and FAPESP (Brazil), among others.  We collaborate with many of the working groups in the INA and with other partners from the numerous archaeological institutes at the University of Tübingen. We actively participate on Tübingen-led excavations and offer geoarchaeological analyses to projects ranging from the Lower Paleolithic to late historical periods. We also actively collaborate with State Heritage Offices and local, private archaeological firms.

Our research largely focuses on investigating the formation processes of the archaeological record using a range of geoscientific techniques.

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Mt. Lykaion
Asikli Höyük
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MapDung (completed)

With the transition from a foraging to farming lifestyle and the beginning of animal domestication, dung becomes a valuable material that can be used as fertilizer, fuel, and construction material. While archaeological evidence for dung used as fuel and manure are increasing, its use for constructions has only been rarely identified, despite ethnographic accounts that the use of dung for construction is still common in many societies. Therefore, it is important to understand if its absence from the archaeological record is the result of human preference or a research/preservation bias. ... Learn more

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