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Name Datum Gutachter Thema
William Daniel Snyder 27.01.2023 Tennie, Conard New experimental insights into early hominin cultures and Oldowan technology
Daniela Filipa Mirote de Matos 10.02.2023 Conard, Miller Geoarchaeological Investigations in Southwestern Angola: macro- and micro-scale approaches to the Middle And Late Pleistocene of Leba Cave
Heike Würschem 12.06.2023 Floss, Conard Die Archäologie des östlichen Châtelperronien. Technologie, Chronologie und Implikationen zur Akkulturationshypothese am Übergang vom Mittel- zum Jungpaläolithikum in Europa
Anne Yvonne Charlotte Kremmer 16.06.2023 Bocherens, Wahl Socioeconomic differences and secular changes in living conditions in late medieval and postmedieval Luxembourg City


Promotionen 2022

Name Datum Gutachter Thema
Carolin Röding 04.03.2022 Harvati, Gunz Hominin fossil remains from the Middle-Late Pleistocene Mediterranean: virtual anthroplogical case studies of fragementary cranial and dental remains
Elivra Martin 11.04.2022 Floss, Conard Überleben am Rande der bewohnbaren Welt. Die Ernährung der Hominiden während der OIS 3 im nördlichen Europa
Li Li 27.06.2022 Tennie, Conard An Experimental Approach to Reconstruct the "Invisible" Knapping Variables from the Early Pleistocene Archaeological Record
Jacopo Niccolò Cerasoni 12.07.2022 Miller, Conard Hominin Behaviour and Palaeoenvironments of Pleistocene West Africa
Abay Namen 19.07.2022 Iovita, Conard Raw Material Choices in the Palaeolithic of the Inner Asian Mountain Corridor of Kazakhstan
Aristeidis Varis 19.07.2022 Iovita, Miller, Goldberg The effect of formation processes in Palaeolithic settlement patterns: insights from south Kazakhstan and the Swabian Jura, Germany
Tommaso Mori 20.09.2022 Harvati, Moggi-Cecchi Homo erectus s.l. life history and geometric morphometrics analyses of contested specimens
Flora Cecilia Schilt 28.10.2022 Junginger, Conard, Miller Geoarchaeological investigations of Late Pleistocene environments in Austria and northern Malawi
Diana Marcazzan 04.11.2022 Conard, Miller, Goldberg Fire and beyond: a geoarchaeological analysis of the anthropogenic features from Fumane Cave (NE Italy) and Hohle Fels (SW Germany)
Matthias Blessing 04.11.2022 Conard, Bolus, Tryon Technological complexity as an indicator of behavioural modernity - A case study on Middle Palaeolithic birch tar production and South African microlithic technology
Shaddai Heidgen 16.11.2022 Junginger, Conard Early Holocene local environments, fire regimes, and land use signals inferred from multi-proxy palaeoecological records at two microregions of Southwestern Germany


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