IFIB – Interfakultäres Institut für Biochemie

Details of the Tübingen Master Program in Biochemistry (MSc)

Advanced studies / consecutive degree

The MSc Biochemistry in Tübingen is a so-called "consecutive master", which could be described as an advanced degree.

This form of master programs is quite common in Germany, but differs from other (international) programs. Consecutive master programs do not provide basic education in the field and frequently have further requirements. Accordingly, we expect our students to have a previous education in Biochemistry and related fields, together with training in independent lab work.

Year 1 - introduction, modules, first labs

The 1st year kicks off with a joint lectures series by all the research group leaders of the institute. Departing from the basics you have acquired in your previous degree, this series takes you into the advanced topics of biochemistry and to the research frontier. In parallel, you will choose your first modules and your first lab placements. One of many possible arrangements is shown on the right.

In the 2nd semester, you will conclude the lectures on advanced topics and start a course on current topics, which includes a lecture series by guest speakers from outside the institute and abroad presenting their latest discoveries. In addition, you will select a 3rd module and a 2nd lab placement.

Year 2 - modules, labs & master project

As you enter the 2nd year, the elements of the program will become longer and more in-depth culminating in the master thesis at the end of the degree. You may decide to do one or more of the research placements outside the institute or abroad. We will support you with national and international placement using our contacts. At the end of the last semester, you will write up the data acquired during your thesis and present the results to the faculty.

During the entire degree you will be able to acquire transferable skills ranging from numerical proficiency, IT, self-management and communication to interpersonal skills. The IFIB faculty will support you in your future professional decision following your master in Tübingen and hope that you will actively join our alumni network.