Angel Blanco-Lapaz


Senckenberg Centre for Human Evolution and Palaeonvironment
Zooarchaeology and Archaeobotany Collections
Hölderlinstraße 12
72074 Tübingen

Office: Raum S316

angel.blanco-lapazspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de

Current Position

Since 06/2015: Collection Manager of the Zooarchaeology and Archaeobotany Collections (Senckenberg Centre for Human Evolution and Palaeoenvironment, SHEP). Coordinator of the Microvertebrate Working Group (MVWG) in ICAZ. Additional scientific editor of Journal of Palaeontological Techniques. Since 2021, PhD Candidate (Institute for Natural Scientific Archaeology, Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen).

Research Project

In order to clarify the origin of fish bone accumulations in European Paleolithic cave contexts, as well as to increase our knowledge of aquatic ecosystems and their role during not only this period but throughout human evolution, exhaustive studies of several Paleolithic sites of most ages in Germany (Swabian Jura, Hohle Fels, Hohlenstein Stadel) and the Iberian Peninsula (Cantabrian-Central region, El Salín Cave, Millán Cave), from a taphonomical, taxonomical, and ecological point of view, will be conducted.

The sites included in this study have been chosen for their high-resolution stratigraphy, their relevance as Paleolithic archaeological sites, and their accurate recovery of small remains. Sites presenting non-anthropogenic fish assemblages (Gran Dolina and Cueva de la Buena Pinta, Iberian Peninsula) are included for comparison.

I am working also on several fish assemblages from Pleistocene sites of the Iberian Peninsula (Barranco León, Fuentenueva 3 and Baza) and Germany (Helga Abri), Pliocene-Pleistocene site of Dmanisi (Republic of Georgia), Neolithic sites (La Draga, El Mirador) and Middle Age sites (El Catllar, Castell de Montsoriu).


2021 – present

PhD Student

Institute for Natural Scientific Archaeology, Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen


Master of Prehistorical Archaeology

Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

Committee: Dr. Maria Sana Seguí

Research title: “La ictioarqueologia en el marc de la recerca arqueológica. Els exemples dels jaciments arqueológics de la Draga i el Castell de Montsoriu”


Tanatopraxis technician. Spanish Institute of Tanatopraxis


Restoration (bones and fossils) technician. Escola de Restauració ECORE de Barcelona


Plastination technician. Faculty of Veterinary. University of Murcia


Taxidermy technician. Escuela Taller Taxidermia Lorenzo Campon. Cáceres, Spain


Master of Experimental Geology

University of Barcelona, Spain

Committee: Dr. Rosa Domènech

Research title: “Optimització energética i mida cerebral a Canariomys bravoi (Muridae, Rodentia) del Plio-Pleistocè de les Illes Canàries”


Bachelor of Geology

Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain


Instructor - “Betruung von Sammlungen”, 2016-present. Institut für Naturwissenschaftliche Archäologie, Universität Tübingen.

Instructor - “Microfauna from Archaeological Contexts“, 2017-present. Institut für Naturwissenschaftliche Archäologie, Universität Tübingen.

Laboratory, Heritage Management, Paleontology Work Experience

  • Since 06/2015: Collection Manager of the Zooarchaeology and Archaeobotany Collections (Senckenberg Centre for Human Evolution and Palaeoenvironment, SHEP).

  • 2014: Technician. IPHES (Tarragon, Spain).

  • 2012-2013: Tanatoprator. Serveis Funeraris Integrals (Barcelona, Spain)

  • 2012: Excavation director. Geoterna SL (Huesca, Spain). Restoration of two shark taxidermies (Natural History Museum of Madrid, Spain).

  • 2011: Excavation director. Geoterna SL (Sta. Perpètua de Mogoda, Spain). Several taxidermies and mounted skeletons (Aquarium of Barcelona, Museum of Moià, Zoo of Barcelona.

  • 2010: Paleontologist. Geoterna SL (Oligocene site of El Talladell, Lleida, Spain).

  • 2009-2011: Curatorial Preparator, Project Manager. Geoterna SL (Natural History Museum of Barcelona, Spain).

  • 2008: Excavation director. Geoterna SL (Sta. Perpètua de Mogoda, Olesa de Montserrat and Viladecavalls, Spain). Curatorial Preparator, Project Manager. Geoteran SL (Natural History Museum of Barcelona, Spain).

  • 2007. Preparator. Geoterna SL (Natural History Museum of Barcelona, Spain). Excavation director. Geoterna SL (Viladecavalls and Vallparadís, Spain)

  • 2006. Collection Manager. Geoterna SL (Catalan Insitute of Palaeontology, Sabadell, Spain)

Field Schools and Excavations

Since 2002, I have participated in several excavation campaigns in Spain (Barranco León, Baza, Quibas, Fuentenueva 3, Atapuerca, Venta Micena and Fumanya), Republic of Georgia (Dmanisi), South Africa (Sibudu) and Germany (Hohle Fels, Schafstall, Langmahdhalde).


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