Ur- und Frühgeschichte und Archäologie des Mittelalters

Archaeometry Colloquium

Archaeometry Colloquia are designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information about ongoing projects in the field of archaeometry. Its primary objective is to provide a friendly atmosphere for students to present their current research and to seek constructive feedback from researchers of all academic backgrounds and levels and to promote a dynamic and collaborative research environment.

It will be held on Wednesdays (biweekly) Hölderlinstr. 12, room: S521, starting at 16:00 c.t. in a hybrid format each semester.


If you would like to attend online and receive the link, please choose one of the following options: 

1: please contact to organizer : Sinem Haciosmanoğlu (sinemh.ogluspam prevention@gmail.com)
2: register to the Urgeschicte mailing list: https://listserv.uni-tuebingen.de/mailman/listinfo/urgeschichte

E-Mail will be circulated before every meeting via mailing list.