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Seit 01/2022
Research Fellow

Tübingen University.

Research Fellow

Leibniz – Zentrum Moderner Orient Berlin.

2016 – 2020
Doctor of Philosophy in History and Islamic Studies (Summa Cum Laude)

Department of History and Cultural Studies, Freie Universität Berlin

2008 – 2010
Master of Arts in Near East Studies

Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near East Studies, New York University

2003 – 2007
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and History

City University of New York



  • Das Königshaus mit neuer Mission”, Welt-Sichten, 21. 08. 2019. pp. 24-27. (The Royal Family with a New Mission).



  • "Albania", in European Islamophobia Report 2016, Enes Bayrakli and Farid Hafez eds., (Istanbul: SETA, 2017)

Edited volumes and Journals

  • Post Salafism: The Internal Revisionism and the Political Changes Transforming Saudi Salafism” in Religions Journal, Special Issue Editors W. Rory Dickinson and Meena Sharify-Funk (forthcoming).
  • “Devotional Extremism: Muḥammad ʿAlawī al-Mālikī and the Debate over the Glorification of the Prophet in Saudi Arabia”, in The Presence of the Prophet: Muhammad in the mirror of his community in early modern and modern Islam, Stephan Reichmuth et. al. eds., in "Handbuch der Orientalistik" Brill Series (forthcoming).
  • “In the Path of the Ancestors: The Ba ‘Alawi Sufi Order and the Struggle for Shaping the Future of Islam.” in Global Sufism: Boundaries, Structures, and Politics, Mark Sedgwick and Francesco Piraino eds., (London: Hurst, 2019).
  •  “The Return of Islam in South East Europe: Debating Islam and Islamic Practices of Family Law in Albania and Kosovo.” in, Applying Sharia in the West; Facts Fear and the Future of Islamic Rules on Family Relations in the West, Maurits S. Berger ed., (Leiden: Leiden University Press, 2013).

Preise und Stipendien

  • DAVO (German Association of Middle Eastern Studies) Dissertation Award, 2021.
  • Fritz Thyssen Foundation Fellowship (2020-2021). Awarded for Postdoctoral Research at the Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO) Berlin.
  • German Federal Excellency Program (2016 – 2020). Awarded to Doctoral Fellows at the Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies.
  • Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship (2008 – 2010) United States Department of State. Awarded towards the pursuit of an MA at New York University.
  • Critical Language Scholarship (CLS), Summer 2007. United States Department of State. Awarded to continue the study of Arabic in Tangier, Morocco.
  • Ward Medal for Excellency in Social Studies. May 2007. Awarded by the Department of Social Studies, City College of New York.
  • Winston Scholarship for Study Abroad. Winter 2005. Awarded by the International Studies Program at City College of New York in support of studies at the Center for Cross-Cultural Learning in Rabat, Morocco.