Institut für Anorganische Chemie
Prof. Dr. K. Mashima
(University of Osaka)

Alkaline-Earth Metal Chemistry

Prof Dr. Erwan Le Roux
(University of Bergen)
Synthesis of Nanostructured Catalysts

Prof. Dr. Eric J. Schelter

(University of Pennsylvania)

Cerium Chemistry

Prof. Dr. W. Scherer

(University of Augsburg)

X-Ray Structure Analysis, SQUID,
Single Crystal Neutron Diffraction and Quantum-
Chemical Calculations (DFT)

Jun. Doz. Dr. Peter Sirsch
(University of Tübingen)
Computational Chemistry, DFT Calculations, Charge Density Calculations
Prof. Dr. K. W. Törnroos
(University of Bergen)
X-Ray Structure Analysis