Geoinformatik / GIS

FloodAdaptVN - Integrating Ecosystem-based Approaches into Flood Risk Management for Adaptive and Sustainable Urban Development in Central Vietnam

Preparation phase 10/2017 to 03/2018

Definition Phase 08/2019 to 01/2021

Research and Development Phase 04/2021 to 03/2025




The risk of flooding in urban regions is rapidly increasing as a result of the interaction of climate and environmental changes together with a rapid urbanization process. In Central Vietnam, urban regions of small and medium-sized cities are particularly exposed to extreme weather conditions in shallow coastal areas.

In order to critically evaluate and adapt existing risk mitigation strategies, FloodAdaptVN focuses on the following research questions in the urban regions of Central Vietnam and its hinterland: What are the causes, drivers and hotspots of flood risk? What are the effects of flooding on socio-ecological systems? What are the risk mitigation strategies and protection objectives and what barriers exist for possible adaptation strategies? Which alternatives would be useful and feasible, and what role can ecosystem-based approaches play? How do risks for socio-ecological systems change under different scenarios?

The overall aim of FloodAdaptVN is to provide a better understanding of the risk dynamics of socio-ecological systems in the urban coastal regions of Central Vietnam and its hinterland, and to develop novel methods for decision support in the area of ​​risk mitigation, governance and adaptation in small and medium-sized cities of Central Vietnam. A transdisciplinary project design has been developed that not only integrates various scientific disciplines, but also practitioners and decision-makers.