Cognitive Modeling


Prof. Dr. Martin Butz
Group Leader
My research focus lies in neuro-computational cognitive modeling, machine learning, and cognitive science. I am particularly interested in uncovering and learning conceptual, compositional, causal structures from sensorimotor experiences in humans and with artificial systems. Over the last years, my group also started to model and simulate weather and climate processes and systems.
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Manuela Di Paolo
I take care of the organization of the Cognitive Modeling Chair. Feel free to contact me with any question regarding this matter!
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Dr. Asya Achimova
Emmy Noether research group leader
I am working on modeling ambiguity resolution as pragmatic inference within the Rational Speech Act framework.
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Christian Gumbsch
I am interested in the autonomous learning of sensorimotor abstractions for hierarchical prediction, planning, and reinforcement learning.
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Matthias Karlbauer
I am enthusiastic about applying machine learning techniques, in particular recurrent neural networks, to climate- and sustainability related topics, such as weather forecasting.
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Turan Orujlu
I'm interested in intuitive physics for artificial intelligence systems.

Manuel Traub
I am interested in self-learned and explainable object recognition, object tracking, and object interactions.

Melvin Ciurletti
I am researching Graph Neural Networks to model complex temporal dynamics like the mechanical responses of meta-materials.

Fedor Scholz
I am interested in active inference and how our brain deals with latent object properties such as affordances. Additionally, I am working on modeling spatio-temporal processes, such as river discharge, using artificial neural networks.
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Johanna Theuer
My research interests lie in neural networks, Bayesian modeling, Event-Predictive Cognition and Active Inference.

Max Mittenbühler
I am investigating how the human cognitive system allocates mental resources to competing information processes (e.g., processing stimulus color and position in a Simon task). To address this question, I aim to develop computational models that can mimic this process and predict empirical data.

Frederic Becker
I am interested in the development of self-supervised, object-centric vision models that enable a more human-like scene understanding. My research interests include compositional scene representation models, intuitive physics learning and structured world models.

Danil Koryakin
The area of my research interest is the modular networks on the basis of the recurrent and feed-forward artificial neural networks. The current studies deal with online learning of the compact modular networks and their application for generation and identification of the continuous dynamics as well as for classification of the discontinuous sequence data.
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Jan Prosi
I am enthusiastic about deep learning and vision methods which I implement to short-term precipitation forecasting problems. In particular, I focus on learning objectives for forecasting applications. Additionally, I explore complex living systems and evolutionary dynamics from a holistic perspective with machine learning methods.

Former Members

... thank you for all the efforts you have put into COBOSLAB / the Cognitive Modeling Team - and all the best for your future!

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