Interfakultäres Institut für Mikrobiologie und Infektionsmedizin

Department of Microbiology / Biotechnology

Head: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wohlleben


Welcome to the Department of Microbiology / Biotechnology

The Department is directed by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wohlleben (CV) and has its major research focus on the biology of actinomycetes and the ability of bacteria and fungi to produce secondary metabolites.

The current research projects of the department are dealing with molecular genetics and biochemistry of antibiotic biosynthesis, regulation of the primary metabolism of producer strains and with unique biological features of these mycelial bacteria. Further projects concentrate on natural product biosynthesis in fungi as well as on target validation in mycobacteria. For more details please visit the web appearance of our different research groups.

Many of the research projects are integrated into national and international research consortia such as the Collaborative Research Centre TRR261 (Cellular Mechanisms of Antibiotic Action and Production), the Graduate College 1708 (Bacterial Survival Strategie), German Centre for Infection Research (DZIF) and programs of the BMBF (Targetvalidierung für die pharmazeutische Wirkstoffentwicklung).

Teaching in the department includes lectures, seminars and practical courses in the biology bachelor and microbiology masters program.