Institut für Evolution und Ökologie

Animal Evolutionary Ecology

We are broadly interested in the adaptive significance and mechanistics of animal behaviour in the context of environmental variation.

Our research currently focuses on visual ecology, where we aim at understanding visual interactions between marine and freshwater fish and their biotic environment (prey, predators, conspecifics) under restrictive ambient light conditions. This work involves large-scale field experimentation, coupled with lab-based proof-of-principles and visual modelling. Within conservation ecology, we support stakeholders with experimental field-based evaluation of conservation measures, currently focussing on farmland birds.

We provide a communicative and international environment that encourages self-responsibility and high personal standards in an informal social environment. We train young scientists in key skills for both academic and non-academic career paths, e.g. by emphasizing presentation quality, conceptual strengths, or English scientific writing. 

If interested in collaborations or thesis supervision, please contact the Researchers and PostDocs involved in your project of interest.

We meet in a weekly Science Chat (Thursday 12:30, seminar room E5A20), an informal group seminar that is also open to guests on request.