Research Institutes

The links below refer to Research Institutes associated with the MSc CIB program.

Institute of Cell Biology

The research of the IZB endeavours to advance our understanding of the molecular mechanisms that regulate human development and health and how diseases affect these mechanisms. The knowledge of the underlying molecular mechanisms can then, in collaboration with clinicians, support the development of cures, e.g. against cancers.


Department of Immunology

The focus of the Department of Immunology is on T cell biology, antibodies, antigen presentation, innate immunity, and translational immunology. New findings and insights resulting from the research projects are transferred to clinical applications that are carried out in the University Hospital.

Center for Plant Molecular Biology

The ZMBP builds on expertise in genetics, cell and developmental biology, biochemistry, plant physiology, cellular nanoscience, and microbiome research. Areas of research focus on molecular mechanisms underlying plant development, plant-microbe interactions, as well as the plant’s response and adaption to changing environmental conditions.

Research Groups & Research Topics

The associated pdf file (link below) gives an overview about research groups and research topics that are associated with the MSc Cellular & Immunological Biosciences. 

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