How can we improve the health of people’s lives, developing individual cures for acquired and genetic diseases, preparing us for the next pandemic, and securing sufficient and healthy food for all humans of our planet despite a rapidly changing climate?

The M.Sc. Cellular and Immunological Biosciences - from single cells to plants, animals, and humans  provides a thorough understanding of cellular and immuno­logical processes and their underlaying molecular mechanisms in normal and malfunctioning cells and tissues, the knowledge of techniques to study them, and prepares you to find solutions together with the international and interdisciplinary research community.

The 2-year program offers a research-centered qualification with a high academic standard in the areas of molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, and systems biology with English as teaching language.

The MSc CIB program is exceptional in highlighting comparative aspects of cellular and immunological processes in a variety of model systems – single cells, yeast, plants, Drosophila, and cultures of human cells & tissues – during development, homeostasis, and disease, and in providing hands-on experience on a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art methods.