Geosphären-Biosphären Wechselwirkungen

Main research interests:

  • Analysis of microbial metabolic processes in soils
  • Terrestrial biogeochemical processes of carbon and nitrogen cycles
  • Strategies for nutrient management on soil carbon pool in agroecosystems



GUZ, 5R37
 +49 7071 29-73155


Research projects


Since Jan 2022
PostDoc at the GBI group

at the University of Tuebingen

PhD Student

at the University of Goettingen


at the Chinese Academy of Forestry


at the China Agricultural University

Selected publications

  1. Fan LC, Shao GD, Pang YH, Dai HC, Zhang L, Yan P, Zou ZH, Zhang Z, Xu JC, Zamanian K, Dorodnikov M, Ki X, Gui H, Han WY. (2022). Enhanced soil quality after forest conversion to vegetable cropland and tea plantations has contrasting effects on soil microbial structure and functions. Catena, 211, 106029.
  2. Wang HT, Ma ST, Shao GD, Dittert K. (2021). Use of urease and nitrification inhibitors to decrease yield-scaled N2O emissions from winter wheat and oilseed rape fields: A two-year field experiment. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 319, 107552.
  3. Zhang YQ, Ai JJ, Sun QW, Li ZC, Hou LY, Song LG, Tang GY, Li L, Shao GD. (2021). Soil organic carbon and total nitrogen stocks as affected by vegetation types and altitude across the mountainous regions in the Yunnan Province, south-western China. Catena, 196, 104872.
  4. Shao GD, Ai JJ, Sun QW, Hou LY, Dong YF. (2020). Soil quality assessment under different forest types in the Mount Tai, Central Eastern China. Ecological Indicators, 115, 106439.