Geosphären-Biosphären Wechselwirkungen

Henrik Füllgrabe

PhD student

Main research interests:

  • Nutrient transfer and supply from cover crops to soil, microorganisms and cash crops under drought conditions
  • Nitrogen cycle and AMF activity in living mulch systems
  • Stable isotopes

 +49 551 3924358


Research projects

RootWayS II (BMBF supported)


Since 2024
PhD student

at GBI group of the University of Tuebingen

Technical Associate in the Department of Crop Science

at the Grassland Science Division of the Georg-August University, Goettingen



Studies in Agricultural Sciences (M.Sc.)

at Biogeochemistry of Agroecosystems of the Georg-August University, Göttingen

Studies in agricultural sciences (B.Sc.)

at Division of Plant Nutrition and Crop Physiology of the Georg-August University, Göttingen


Selected publications

  1. Füllgrabe, H., Claassen, N., Hilmer, R., Koch, H.-J., Dittert, K., & Kreszies, T. (2022). Potassium deficiency reduces sugar yield in sugar beet through decreased growth of young plants. Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, 185, 545–553.