Interfakultäres Institut für Mikrobiologie und Infektionsmedizin

 Entry fall 2024

application opens now open!
admission test May 24, 2024
apply until May 31, 2024
lecture start October 14, 2024

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Application requirements

  • Bachelor´s degree in biology or comparable subject with a minimum grade of 2.50
  • German language skills at level A2
    • Goethe A2
    • Telc A2
    • ÖSD A2
    • German as native language
    • BSc degree with German as teaching language
  • English language skills at level B2
    • TOEFL (79 IBT or 550 PBT)
    • IELTS 6,5
    • IB Diploma with English as teaching language
    • Cambridge Certificate FCE, CAE, CPE, level B2 or higher
    • a recognized higher education entrance qualification obtained in English and in a country whose official language is English
    • BSc degree from a country with English as offical language
    • notification of English level B2 or higher on higher education entrance qualification, e.g. Abiturzeugnis

Selection criteria

A ranking list will be drawn up among the participants. The maximum score to be achieved is 57 points. This is calculated as follows:

  • up to 30 points for bachelor grade or average grade achieved so far (conversion chart)
  • up to 20 points for a written admission test
  • up to 5 points for special achievements
  • 2 points for the quality of the completed program

We will offer a total of 25 places to the highest scoring applicants per year.

You need to have at least 12 points at the end of the selection process, to be elegible for admission.

Admission test

A written English test in basic microbiology and molecular biology will be held once a year in Tübingen. Participation in the written test is recommended but you can apply relying only on your bachelor grade & bonus points, which means you can score a maximum of 37 points out of 57. You can repeat the exam once; the best grade counts. Results can then be used for your application at any time.

If you want to take part, please send an email to mibi-masterspam with the headline admission test and include in the email text your full name (last name, first name) and your email address. This registration is required one week before the test date, the latest. This will automatically register you for the exam. The test normaly takes place on the Friday closest to the application deadline, if not announced differently. Bring identification and a calculator.

All confirmed participants will receive further information on the procedure and location of the admission test by mail.

The next admission test will take place on
Friday, May 24, 2024

Due to legal restrictions,
the test cannot be offered online or at other locations!

Points for special achievements

We grant up to 5 points for the following special achivements:

  • completed vocational training, e.g. as a technical assistant (BTA, CTA, MTLA, etc.), max. 5 points;
  • scientific awards related to biology, max. 2 points;
  • publications in scientific journals (peer reviewed journals) related to biology or similar disciplines, max. 5 points.

The necessary documents for us to verify these achievements have to be submitted toghether with your application. Documents submitted after the deadline cannot be taken into account.

Application material

The application must be submitted using the form provided by the university (online portal)

The application must be accompanied by a copy of:

  • a certificate of an undergraduate degree in biology (bachelor) or an equivalent degree in a comparable subject lasting at least six semesters
    • If your certificate is not in English or German, an official English translation along with the original documents is requiered
  • proof of English language proficiency at level B2 CER
  • for applicants without a German-language university entrance qualification or a Bachelor´s certificate from a German-language degree course: the results of an internationally recognized A2 examination as proof of sufficient knowledge of the German language
  • Proof of the above mentioned special achievements
  • If the degree program completed is not biology, practical laboratory work equivalent to at least 12 ECTS credits must be shown