Fachbereich Psychologie

Dr. Christoph Naefgen (Alumni)

PhD student from 3/2015-2/2019

now: FernUniversität Hagen


Naefgen, C., & Janczyk, M. (2019). Smaller backward crosstalk effects for free choice tasks are not the result of immediate conflict adaptation. Cognitive Processing, 20, 73-85.

Naefgen, C., Dambacher, M., & Janczyk, M. (2018). Why free choices take longer than forced choices: Evidence from response threshold manipulations. Psychological Research, 82, 1039-1052.

Naefgen, C., & Janczyk, M. (2018). Free choice tasks as random generation tasks: An investigation through working memory manipulations. Experimental Brain Research, 236, 2263-2275.

Naefgen, C., Caissie, A., & Janczyk, M. (2017). Stimulus-response links and the backward crosstalk effect – A comparison of forced- and free-choice tasks. Acta Psychologica, 177, 23-29.

Oberlader*, V.A., Naefgen*, C., Koppehele-Goseel, J., Quinten, L., Banse, R., & Schmidt, A.F. (in press) Validity of content-based techniques to distinguish true and fabricated statements: A meta-analysis. Law and Human Behavior, 40, 440-457. (*: The first two authors contributed equally to this article.)

Short CV:

1/2014-12/2014 Research associate, DFG project "Analyse und Förderung wissenschaftlichen Denkens in der Lehrerbildung" (Analyzing and promoting scientific thinking in teacher training)
2010-2013 M.Sc. in Psychology, University of Bonn
2007-2010 B.Sc. in Psychology, University of Bonn