Ur- und Frühgeschichte und Archäologie des Mittelalters


Our research activities address:

•    Isotopic studies on bones and teeth (isotopes of strontium Sr, nitrogen N and oxygen O)
•    Organic residues - in particular lipids

Transformed inorganic materials
•    Ceramics and pigments
•    Glass
•    Metallurgical products and metal objects

Natural inorganic materials
•    Gemstones
•    Ores
•    Silicate rocks

Technical Infrastructure
•    (Pyro)technological remains 
•    In written and pictorial sources 

We want to advance the understanding of the mobility of people and things and the cultural and technical practices that go along with movements and interchange. A further important line of research is the investigation of human and animal subsistence patterns. We also aim at reconstructing knowledge and skills underlying technical processes by analysing raw materials, objects, technical features and written/pictorial sources and incorporating results from Experimental Archaeology. Our research also involves questions of find preservation and degradation.