Englisches Seminar

Why American Studies?

Beyond your personal interest in America (an excellent reason in itself!), there are a number of strong arguments:

  • The United States is a world superpower and a major driver of cultural, economic and technological change. We watch American television shows, use the latest American apps, read American authors, listen to American music and follow American elections. The United States is Europe’s leading partner in terms of trade and investment. In-depth knowledge and understanding of America thus make you attractive to many future employers.
  • American Studies is interdisciplinary, meaning that you will be able to use and apply the insights and methods of a broad range of disciplines.
  • You will acquire an excellent command of the English language, the language of globalization and worldwide lingua franca.
  • You will be good at intercultural communication – a crucial asset for the 21st century workplace.
  • You will develop the intellectual and practical skills – analysis, synthesis, critical and creative thinking, teamwork – that are essential in most professional careers.