Economics and Human Biology

Tuebingen, October 15-16, 2016

Titles and Abstracts of recent EHB articles - 2017/2018

Titles and Abstracts of recent EHB articles - 2016/2017

Titles and Abstracts of recent EHB articles - 2015/2016

This two-day conference focuses on Economics and Human Biology. The conference is devoted to the exploration of the interrelationships between socio-economic processes and human beings as biological organisms.


Program: Please find the program here.

Venue: Alte Aula, Münzgasse 30, 72070 Tübingen

Contact: wisogespam | +49 7071 29-78167

Getting to Tübingen and the venue - overview

Information about presentation-in-walking

The “presentations-in-walking” are a little bit special. Following the observation that it is unhealthy for normal people to sit for two or more whole days, one of the elements we adopted from conferences of psychologists is that people will walk around. The idea is that those people who are presenting their topic in such a format will print five sets of their slides (in large font size, 18 Point). Then we will distribute the conference participants into small groups with up to five or six people walking around in Tübingen an hour hearing three of these presentations in walking, discussing the papers and giving comments. Those who are giving these presentations in walking, they will also the possibility of a poster presentation so that the other participants who are interested in their topics (but are not in the group of five) and want to give them feed-back, will also be able to do so. But the walking procedure is usually very productive in generating new ideas and getting good comments.
The groups will meet at Alte Aula. The organisers will distribute participants to the groups based on their first names. If it rains, the groups can meet somewhere in the building, or go to a café nearby.