Palaeoclimate and Climate Dynamics (S. Mutz)

The Palaeoclimate and Climate Dynamics group investigates synoptic scale atmospheric dynamics at different times in Earth's history, and models Earth surface responses to climate change for the past, present and future. We employ statistical tools and machine learning techniques in combination with sophisticated global climate models, high performance computers and integration of climate proxy compilations. The advances made in gaining a more holistic understanding of the climate system and its evolution through time allow us to bridge the gap to other geoscience disciplines, and offer new predictions that complement those in the field of climate impact research. Investigated regions include Central Asia, the Alps, the Andes, Scandinavia and Himalaya-Tibet.

The Palaeoclimate and Climate Dynamics group strives to maintain an inclusive, friendly and productive work environment.


If you are interested in joining us with a BSc or MSc thesis, feel free to browse the topics listed here.