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What if the time you spent at the University of Tübingen is merely the beginning of a remarkable journey? What if, through collaborating with fellow alumni, you could discover the solutions that our present-day challenges necessitate? What if, despite being distanced from your academic home, you could still remain a vital member of the University of Tübingen community?

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Whether you wish to return to the University of Tübingen or to organize an alumni chapter in your country of residence, our Alumni Relations team will be happy to support you. Learn more about formats specifically designed for our research alumni, our research ambassadors across the globe and about ways to stay in touch with our alumni community.

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Supporting and empowering women - that fascinates me!

"Over the three months, I built close and intense relationships with the crew members and the refugee women. It was a shared journey of empowerment in which we strengthened each other, regardless of our cultural backgrounds. My farewell was also very emotional. At that moment, I really realized once again how important it is that there are people who are committed to the work of ROSA e.V. and the refugee women." In the interview, Anna Gärtner, who has a degree in midwifery and women's health, talks about her career as a midwife and her commitment to ROSA e.V. - Rolling Safespace for refugee women in Greece. 

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The alumni network is international, interdisciplinary – and constantly growing.
The strength of our University of Tübingen is constituted by its people: our alumni, researchers, lecturers, members of staff, friends and supporters from politics and the economy. We are all connected by a shared pride in the University of Tübingen and a deep respect for its tradition and excellence.

The Alumni Relations team is here to keep you up to date on the latest news from the University and to show you how you can support your alma mater. Whether you are interested in donating your time, talents or resources: We will show you how you can have a lasting impact on the University of Tübingen.

The University of Tübingen: An excellent research institution and a place for meaningful connections and valuable experiences.

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